Israel Prime Minister denies not vaccinating Arabs in Israel

Israel's leader has debunked insinuations that he was only given Jews vaccine and not Arabs. He also said they weren't mandated to share vaccines with their neighbor's Palestine. 

PM denies Jews favoritism over vaccine 

Prime Minister Netanyahu has debunked insinuations that it has refused to vaccinate Arabs who are Israelis. He said such accusations were false and sought to malign him and his government. Talking with a Fox correspondent said a joke in February that only the Jewish Israelis had been vaccinated. 

They have only succeeded in administering vaccines to half of the population. However, debunking such claims '' This statement is ridiculous and a blatant lie. In fact, the government made sure everyone irrespective of race and tribe was vaccinated. Many Arabs in the country have been vaccinated. 

The prime minister said he went to Arab communities to overseas the vaccination process. The election in Israel is coming up first and the PM is banking on his country curtailing the COVID-19 pandemic as a saving grace. He has offered several rewards for people willing to be vaccinated and said those who reject vaccinations will be dead. 

Palestine accuses Israel of neglect over vaccine doses 

Israel's vaccination is a big one as more than half of its population has been given a jab of the vaccine. The 10 million population of Israel has received a dose since January when the vaccination process started. However, some of Palestine had accused the Israeli government of not extending vaccinations to them.

They say Israel should vaccinate Palestine, while the government insists that under agreements to sustain peace it doesn't have to. The Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has had difficulties getting vaccines for its citizens. The parliamentary officials in Palestine have slammed the Israeli government for sending vaccines to far nations while neglecting more than 6 million citizens in Palestine.