Finding Balance: Striking the Right Tourist Tax Rate

Tourist tax – a source of additional income for destinations worldwide, but also a potential deterrent for potential visitors. It's a sensitive issue that requires careful thought to avoid causing harm to the local tourism industry. The challenge lies in finding a balance, striking the right touris... Read

Implication of GPT Chatbots on Workforce

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Is the Y2K style still unanimous ?

Y2K style, or the aesthetic of the 2000s, a known resurgence in fashion and popular culture in recent years. However, this style is not unanimous and arouses various opinions. In this article, we’ll explore the different perspectives around the Y2K style and determine if it’s still popular or if it’... Read

Treasury Secretary, Yellen unveils $9 billion in fresh funds to aid low-earning communities

The treasure secretary in the USA has initiated plans to distribute $9 billion to some communities. This economic initiative aims to help those with low incomes. The US hopes to share $9 billion among low-earning communities  Janet Yellen has shown the importance of a new scheme of $9 billion for ci... Read