Which material to choose for your deck between concrete and wood?

When a deck can have several uses, it is important to know how to build and decorate it well. So, the criteria of choice often revolve around materials that are suitable for the location of the deck, easy to maintain, easy to clean and above all, materials that can bring elegance to the space. So which material for a festive or warm terrace? Find out by reading the rest of the article.

Deck made of wood

Decks made of wood are usually built with wood weeps or grating wood. Thus, wood naturally brings a warm touch to the environment with aesthetics, discover here. Unlike other materials, the wooden floor is light and adapts to all constructions regardless of their geographical location, without disturbing the environment.
Thus, wooden decking can be done on a balcony, in a garden, in the mountains, on the seashore or either, to make up for a sloping ground. Similarly, a wooden deck provides an extension of a dining room, bedroom and any other living space in a house. In addition, a wood deck is easy to clean and simple to install. It blends in perfectly with any color scheme. However, wood decking is weather resistant.

Concrete decking

One of the first choices for all homeowners is the concrete deck. Indeed, concrete decking has the advantage of being resistant over time, thanks to its solidity and cost less. Thus, when properly installed, it is weatherproof and gives a contemporary look to the environment.
Similarly, concrete decking is simple to clean and can be suitable for many environments. However, this decking can have its drawbacks. Indeed, concrete decking is not suitable for all decorating styles. In addition, concrete can contribute to pollution and is not always aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, cracks are quickly noticed when the installation is poorly done.