Where to go to find a lost indoor cat ?

Finding a lost indoor cat can be very difficult, especially if it was lost a long time ago. It is a painful, even stressful event that no cat owner would like to experience. However, if your cat has been missing for days, and you want to find him, it is possible. In this article, we suggest some actions you can take to easily find your lost cat.

Write ads in newspapers 

The cat is a territorial animal. So to better understand what is going on in your cat's mind, you have to put yourself in his shoes. Also, they will only find their way back if they put their scent on the path they have already taken. However, if your cat gets lost, you can find it again. By clicking on the like it comparison you will get a whole range of information on this subject. The first step is to advertise in the newspapers. From the moment your cat gets lost you should start looking for it. Being territorial in nature, cats do not like to stray too far from their territory. This simply means that there are key places where you can look for your cat. By way of illustration we have: in the trees, in the neighbour's cattery, in the neighbour's garage. Furthermore, if you don't immediately put out a search notice your cat may find company and start a new life.

Contacting a neighbourhood search team 

The second way to find your lost indoor cat is to mobilise your neighbours. They can help you find your cat. The reason why contacting neighbours is so important is that the majority of cats rarely go beyond a radius of five houses. So by involving your neighbours, they will cover more ground in the search, especially as they know the cat. Finally, you can also start the search in your own home. Your cat may well be hiding somewhere you don't know about.