Types of table positions in poker and the Importance

In order to maximize your chances of winning the game of poker, it is essential to pay attention to your position at the poker table. This means that your poker table position is of particular importance that you should take into account. So how important is the poker table position? Follow the thread of this article to learn more about the importance of the poker table position.

The Early Position 

 The first position that is very important at the poker table would be the early position. To learn more about table positions in poker, you can check here. Indeed, you should know that the poker table position rotates every time the dealer changes. The first position around a poker table is called the Early position. And this position includes the first three seats at the table.

This is often considered the weakest position. Since you will be the first to bet and therefore you probably can't play on the emotions of the other players. Being the first bettor, allows the other players to guess the rest of the cards in your hands.

Middle and late positions

Apart from the early position, there are two other very important positions at the poker table which are the middle and late positions. The middle position consists of the three middle seats. This position gives you a little more comfort. The main reason for this is that the first group has left, and you can have more freedom with your bets in this position. 

After the middle position, you will find the late position which is actually the last one. This late position includes the rest of the seats, including the dealer's seat. This is the best position of all three at the poker table. This position allows you to see clearly how everyone else is betting their hands. This lets you know whether to fold or raise.