Tips for changing a kitchen tap in a mobile home

In case of a water leak or breakdown, it is important to follow certain instructions to change your kitchen tap yourself. So, how do you replace a kitchen tap in a mobile home? We will give you the tips you need to adopt in order to change your kitchen tap.

Removing the old kitchen tap

A tap is nothing more than a metal device that allows you to control or stop a fluid and is often equipped with a filter called a mousseur or jet breaker. For more information, read the site. Thus, changing it involves following a number of tips. The very first tip is to remove the old kitchen tap from your mobile home. The first step is to turn off the water supply by deactivating the water shut-off under the mobile home or at the water heater and then remove the old tap by unscrewing the water pipe and fixing nuts with your bare hands or a pair of pliers or a spanner. Then you have to remove the fibre seals and clean the tap area. Finally, you should clean the limescale and dirt from the tap with white vinegar.

Buy the replacement kit in a DIY shop

Another very important tip is to buy the replacement kit in a DIY shop and to do this, you should bring the old kit disassembled so that you don't make a mistake when you buy it, especially as mobile home taps are not identical to those usually used. By adopting this method, it will be easier for you to find the kit you are looking for, which will therefore facilitate the assembly. Afterwards, you should take the dismantled joints to a plumbing shop to check whether they are worn or not. Finally, you reassemble the new kitchen tap in your mobile home and connect it to the water pipes. Tighten the water pipes and open the water supply and tap to check for leaks. It is important to remember that following these tips will help you change your mobile home kitchen faucet.