The usefulness of a car diagnostic case

With the evolution of technology, cars are more and more equipped with ODB plugs. These sockets make it possible to retrieve a certain amount of information on the operating condition of the vehicle. These data are displayed using devices called diagnostic cases.

What is the use of a diagnostic case?

A vehicle diagnostic case is used, for example, to retrieve information about the operating status of the intake system or the level of cooling or heating inside the car.
It is a precious help for those who are not specialists in mechanics. Indeed, it allows any individual to do small maintenance of the car. Small repairs that don't require a mechanic. The diagnostic case therefore allows the vehicle owner to have the first information on breakdowns encountered by the car. With these data provided by the suitcase, the vehicle owner can already locate the type of breakdown and know to what extent he can already intervene himself.More information here

How do you deal with an OBD diagnostic case?

First, you need to locate the car's OBD port. Usually, it is installed centrally near the ashtray and close to the handbrake? Sometimes it is in the dashboard area that it is located and more specifically on the left side. However, if you are having trouble finding your way around, be sure to consult your vehicle's owner's manual.
Once the socket is detected, you must connect the case to the socket using a USB cable. Subsequently, the suitcase will ask you to enter your identifiers such as the vehicle identification number. After successful authentication, the case displays fault codes and their explanations.

What are the types of OBD vehicle cases?

There are specific suitcases for each brand of vehicle, but also others that are more generic. When they are universal, they only retrieve and display information standard to any type of vehicle.
Specific cases are generally designed by the vehicle manufacturer. They provide much more precise information on the operating condition of the vehicle.