Some Information About Erowz

Erowz is a company based in the Enghien area. The last years, it has grown very much. The team is now composed of 25 employees with an average age of 30 years. Did you know that it has grown enormously in recent years? Whatever the case may be, let’s discover a little more about it.

What does Erowz do ?

Individuals post millions of offers for products, cars and homes online every day. At Erowz, employees make sure that these offers from all over the world are gathered on one website. They gather 300 million offers from 120 different classifieds sites in over 20 countries.

For more information, click here. In a specific way, they use ads to develop a big search engine. Users access it through sites developed by Erowz, such as in France or in Belgium. The algorithm then ranks all these ads according to the user's preferences.

Learn More About Erowz

Founded in 2011, Erowz will have a presence in about 40 countries by the end of the year. Sales are expected to exceed €2 million and quadruple in four years, as the company has been profitable since the beginning. Erowz employs 17 people but does not intend to stop there and plans to recruit new employees.

Did you know that it works with Ebay and Amazon ?

The Erowz service aggregates listings from sites such as Amazon and eBay. This small Engen-based startup is one of the top five partners of these multinational online companies, and they are the ones paying for Erowz. That is why, if you buy a used PlayStation from Amazon through Erowz's search engine, Amazon pays Erowz a commission.

That is the global operation. To sum up, it is important to specify that Erowz is a big company, partner of Amazon and Ebay. Its search engine represents a good opportunity.