Some essential steps to consider for your website's SEO

With the advent and evolution of technology, technological methods have enabled businesses to attract more customers. Such is the case for sites that attract more traffic to the site through SEO. Read on to find out some of the steps to SEO your site.

Make your site mobile friendly

For a long time now, Google has made mobile a very important accessory in its eyes. So, in order for your articles and those of our website to be listed in Google's search engines, you need to adapt your website to mobile. To do this, adopting responsive design allows you to develop a website that will adapt to the device to which the user will connect. 

Also, this change in the web design process will allow a web page to be displayed in an optimal way. This will facilitate navigation and an improved user experience. This will increase traffic via mobile devices and avoid bounces.

Reducing site loading time and web content length

Please reduce the loading time of your web page because there are too many sites on Google and users do not want to waste time loading a web page. Indeed, you lose a lot of traffic and visibility on your website if your web page loads longer than 3 seconds at most. Also, Google punishes websites whose web page takes a long time to load, which considerably increases the negative bounces of the web page. 

So, to reduce or limit the waiting time of the Internet users on your web page, you will have to reduce the weight of the page. And this will be done by reducing the weight of the visuals, photos etc. And in this exercise, the platform would be beneficial for photos and for videos, youtube is a solution. 

Furthermore, in order for your site not to be boring once the web page is quickly accessible, it is necessary to reduce the length of the web content. It should be noted that many people are lazy to look at content that is too long. So they ignore not only the content but also the site and you lose traffic and visibility. At this level, web content of 300 to 900 words is recommended.