Music: modern days musical instrument you should know about

Music is one form of art that crosses both language and cultural barrier in such a way that you do not necessarily need to understand the language spoken in a song to genuinely appreciate it. Since the creation of musical instruments, we’ve had the opportunity to appreciate the talents of musical genius such as Bach, Beethoven or Chopin. During their days, they marked the earth with their art which still has a strong impact to this day. Instruments have changed due to technology and a whole new variety of instruments are now available for artists to explore their talent.

The modern days instruments

There are a lot of new instruments that have been created during the recent years. Some of them are brand new creations while some are more of an upgraded version of the instruments we already know. One of these would be a tongue drum which has a modern-day design. You can click here if your wish to buy a tongue drum.

Another amazing instrument that was recently created after being developed for 8 years with funding reaching over 15 million of dollars is the Eigenharp. It has capabilities such as recording and playback and allows a wide range of musical play due to its 120 keys and percussion buttons. One of the most original modern days instrument would be the Hydrolophone. Like the name implies, its use requires the use of water. The water flows through a set of holes the player has to partially or fully obstruct to trigger a mechanism, which in turn produces sounds.

Can an amateur use modern day instruments ?

There are certainly some modern instruments that some beginners can use, but eventually there are some instruments that might prove to be more complex to use. Not only that but some of these instruments cause a lot of money and not everyone is able to afford it. For example, the Eigenharp cost about 2400 dollars. This might be an amount not a lot of people are willing to invest for an instrument.