DNS server: let's talk about it!

If the internet is of paramount importance today, access to it is the pillar. And one of these pillars for accessing the internet is the DNS server, which is the subject of our article? So what is an Internet server? This is indeed what we will define, give its importance and tell how to use it to protect yourself and your personal data.

Definition and the advantage of having it

The service that translates the domain names of a website into an IP address (in other words, it allows you to have a simple domain name instead of an IP address.) It is called the Domain Name System abbreviated in English DNS. As for the advantages, if you install and configure a server on your computer network, you make the requests that will be made fast on your computer network. As on this site https://www.tips-of-the-day.com/, the configuration will allow your server to store temporary data. Another advantage of having your own DNS server is that, if you share the same DNS server that other states, companies or organizations control, you will be monitored and like that your search activities will no longer be safe.

Need to clean up my browser's cash memory?

It is not mandatory to delete your data in the browser every time, but it is important to clear your recently performed searches on your browser to free up space on your phone or computer. Also, if you don't want someone else to know what you are doing on the internet without your knowledge, simply clear your browser's memory to protect your personal information. Apart from that, clearing your browser will allow you to change old forms. It will also help the applications installed on your computer, phone to work well. And finally, if you clear your browser, old files will no longer be a barrier to new online applications.