Criteria for choosing the right charger for your laptop?

A charger is an electrical device designed to supply power to your computer's battery, since a computer requires power to operate through a charger. How do you choose the right charger for your laptop? This article will tell you how you can go about choosing the right charger for your laptop.

Criteria to consider for a good choice 

When your computer's charger is lost or spoiled, you have to pay for a new one. Sometimes you can't find your computer's charger, in which case you need an adapter. There are a number of adapters on the market such as the adapter for laptop dynabook which is very effective. Here are some criteria to follow when choosing a charger for your computer.

The power of the charger

The power of a charger is the maximum energy that the charger can provide to power your computer's battery. It is a value whose unit is Watt symbolised by the letter "W". It is calculated by multiplying the voltage (expressed in Volt) by the maximum current (expressed in Ampere) that can flow through it, i.e.: Power = Voltage x Current. You should pay close attention to the power of a charger before choosing it. It must be equal to that of your old charger.


The connectors are not the same for all chargers. There are several types and each type is adapted to a type of charger. To charge your device, choose the same connector as your old charger.

How do I find the right charger?

When your original charger is no longer functional, it is not difficult to find a replacement. To do this, choose a charger that has exactly the same characteristics as the original one you were using. These characteristics include: input voltage, weight, internal and external diameter of the connector. 

For example, the 5.5-1.7 connector means 5.5 = 5.5mm outer diameter and 1.7 = 1.7mm inner diameter. You can measure the end of the connector with a ruler and know approximately how big it is in order to buy your new charger.

No human work can last forever. Your computer's charger may fail and you will be forced to pay for another one. Just take into account the essential criteria and be careful to find another charger for your laptop.