Apple under investigation for bias App Store claims

The top tech firm, Apple has been taken to CMA over store claims. They are sued for unfavorable terms and conditions and huge commissions. 

Apple, taken to consumer marketing commission over unfavorable apps issues 

British agency in charge of marketing, the CMA has started an investigation to determine if Apple's policy for app developers is fair. This was because of a barrage of complaints from developers which includes Top gamers Epic games. Few developers are sad that they are forced to give apps to the iPhone via their store. 

They also complain that the commission asked by Apple is huge. However, the tech giant has said its terms are 'fair and unbiased.'. The inquiry will consider if Apple has monopolistic tendencies on apps used at its stores and if their terms are fair. Fortnite developer Epic Games has taken Google to the CMA for unfair terms which they believe is very unfair. 

However, Google replied 'After a careful review of the case at hand it becomes necessary to discuss our point of view. Our prices and market policies are fair because we consider several indices. Also, all our clients are aware that we offer the best prices to our rivals'.

Google debunks the allegation, says it's fair to all

A spokesperson for Google says it isn't true. However, a tech analyst Brian Ruiz, says that this isn't entirely true "The genesis is this case stems from the arbitrary hiking of fees and transactions done in some games. Developers have accused Google to be inferring with transactions done inside the games". 

Two years ago, Fortnite and some other games were stopped from integrating real transactions in their game which they say violated their rules. Google is confident about this case as they believe that developers were aware of their terms before using it, so they are safe. However, some developers remain comfortable getting a reduction in commission as well as better services.  

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