Honoring Sarah Tran

Sarah Tran, a 2009 magna cum laude graduate of Georgetown and an IPR student, recently received the teacher-of-the-year award from the SMU Law graduating class of 2015.  The class had Sarah during their first semester at law school when she was diagnosed with a reoccurrence of the cancer she first developed while at IPR.  Sarah continued her lectures through Skype from her hospital bed, and weeks later, when she returned to the classroom, received a standing ovation.  Over the next year, Sarah continued teaching more classes, publishing articles, and making presentations at conferences, all while fighting cancer.  She even tried her hardest to finish grading exams in her final days.  Sarah was an extraordinary student her at Georgetown and in IPR and, no surprise, turned out to be an extraordinary professor.


This post was written by Professor Hope Babcock

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