Accessibility Problems with Political Convention Coverage

Politico’s Steve Friess outlines serious shortcomings in the accessibility of online coverage of the political conventions, quoting Andrew Phillips from the National Association of the Deaf, Dr. Christian Vogler of the Technology Access Program at Gallaudet University, and me. While the FCC’s rules will eventually require closed captions for live television programming delivered online, the deadlines will come too late to make many key events of this political season accessible.

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One Response to Accessibility Problems with Political Convention Coverage

  1. Jim House says:

    People I know will vote only on the candidates that make their slates understood, and can empathize with various hot topics of the day. When one party decides to caption their political ads or major events such as the convention, the other party needs to follow suit, or they will have a vacuum when viewers that rely on captioning vote according to what they can understand.