IPR Receives NAD Accessibility Award

Photo of IPR Accessibility Award - Exemplary Commitment to a Barrier-Free Internet - National Association of the Deaf, 51st Biennial NAD Conference, Louisville, KY

I’m honored to report that IPR was selected to receive the prestigious Accessibility Award from our colleagues at the the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) at their 51st Biennial Conference in Louisville, Kentucky on July 4, 2012. NAD notes that the award is:

Presented in recognition of individuals or organizational entities in recognition of exceptional commitment to advancing the accessibility rights of deaf and hard of hearing Americans in a way that also benefits the public at large.

IPR was specifically recognized for “Exemplary Commitment to a Barrier-Free Internet” for our work on behalf of Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc. (TDI). Over the past year, we have represented TDI on a variety of accessibility policy issues, including a landmark rulemaking at the Federal Communications Commission requiring closed captioning for Internet Protocol-delivered video for the first time and a pending proposal at the United States Copyright Office to exempt the addition and improvement of video accessibility features like closed captions and video description from the anticircumvention measures of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Several outstanding Georgetown Law student clinicians contributed to these efforts this year, including Luke McFarland, Jeff Aris, Raffi Melanson, Allyn Ginns, and Cathie Tong. I am extremely proud of their work, and we look forward to continuing our efforts toward an accessible Internet over the next year.

Photo of NAD Award Ceremony Recipients

TDI Executive Director Claude Stout (second from left) accepting IPR’s award along with Sheri Farinha, former NAD Board Secretary (left), TDI Board Member Roy Miller (second from right), and Sid Hoffman of the Computer Prompting and Captioning Company (CPC) (right). Photo from iDeaf News.

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2 Responses to IPR Receives NAD Accessibility Award

  1. Gary says:

    Who is the woman on the left? Did you mean to leave her out of the caption for the photo?

    • Blake Reid says:

      Thanks for pointing out the omission, Gary. After some sleuthing, we now know that’s Sheri Farinha, former NAD Board Secretary. The caption is fixed.